Will a recurve bow be suitable for archery? What bows are suitable for archery? Can’t you use any type of bow to take part in archery? These are just a few of the questions more and more are asking simply because they aren’t too sure which archery bows are more suited to them. So, which archery bow types should you be using? Read on to find out a little more about the most common archery bow types available today.

The Crossbow

Crossbows have been really quite popular over the last few years and it’s not hard to see why. These feel authentic in many ways than one and really look pretty smart and fierce! However, these types of archery bows are quite different from many others as they have to be executed in a different manner. Users have to release their draw force at a greater rate so in that way it’s very different from a traditional bow. However, they are easy to use and they are not as costly as you would think like the best recurve bow, they aren’t too expensive.

The Longbow

Ever since the dawn of time, the longbow has been around! That is how old this bow is and yet it still remains highly popular today. The longbow is very simple, longer than the crossbow, of course, and really offers a nice and accurate aim too. Longbows have this appealing trait about them that brings in the users from far and wide. Even thought a recurve bow is popular, it does seem as though the longbow is the more popular of the two! More are choosing this but, of course, it’s the traditional bow and for that reason, it’s highly popular!

The Compound Bow

Even thought the compound bow has been around for only a few years, it has become a highly popular option for thousands around the world. For those who want to take up archery, the compound is really a popular option. Even in TV shows and movies, you are seeing more people use these bow types than many others. They are similar to the recurve bow but a little different. However, the compound is highly popular today and really easy to use.

The Best Recurve Bow

Recurve bows are amongst the most popular options of bows and they really do look amazing. These are fantastic for beginners and extremely easy to use too. You are truly going to find that this is a bow for most people and it’s an excellent option for those just starting out with archery too. The recurve bow does offer a simple way to shot arrows and you shouldn’t have too much trouble with archery either. Most people will find this to be a useful concept.

Find the Best Archery Bows

When you are thinking about taking up archery, you need to think about which type of bow will suit your needs more. Now, you need to think about costs, reliability and ease of use. You do not want to buy a bow which is too difficult to use as it makes things more frustrating and stressful. However, by choosing something such as a recurve bow, you might find things to be far easier for everyone involved!

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Most Common Archery Bow Types